Vacation Ownership

Vacation Ownership means
buying a house only for the period of time you need on you vacation!


Thus, you pay an infinitely lower purchase price, and only pay maintenance expenses relative to the fraction purchased.


 Vacation Ownership is the smartest way for you to own your vacation property.


Generally, holiday homes remain empty for most of the time, and owners only use them a for few weeks during the year. This creates a great waste of capital and current expenses throughout the year.

When you buy your home only for the period that you use on your vacation, you are optimizing your investment in a modern and smart way.

So, with a small investment, you enjoy the property for the same amount of  time you would enjoy a property that could have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars more, while at the same time saving thousands of dollars a year on maintenance costs. In addition, a hotel management company will take care of all maintenance, cleaning and repairs for you. You do not have to worry about anything.

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In short, Vacation Ownership is:

Combining the best of owning a vacation property

with all the advantages of staying in a hotel.


  • It is your property
  • You have the space of a house
  • You have the privacy of your house
  • There is a living room and a kitchen to make you feel at home
  • Family get to stay together
  • You may bring a guest at no additional cost
  • Also you have the convenience of a hotel
  • You have hotel amenities
  • No worries with maintenance and repairs
  • No worries with employees and contractors
  • Only pay for the time you use it on your vacation
  • Travel anywhere you want with the Exchange Programs


This is Vacation Ownership

You Own Your Vacations!

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Signum Vacation Ownership homes at Bella Vida are sold in multiples of weeks. So, if you take only three weeks of vacation per year, you can buy the right to use the house for just three weeks per year.

- Therefore, you only pay taxes and maintenance costs for the period you bought.

- The other weeks are sold to other owners, until the entire house is sold.

- The houses come fully furnished and equipped.

- A hotel management company will take care of all maintenance, replacement and cleaning of your home. You do not have to worry about anything.

- Maintenance fees include, in addition to taxes, insurance, all maintenance, cleaning and administration, also reserves for future expenses such as: painting, furniture, electronics and appliances replacement, renovations, and everything else needed for the house to be always new. All controlled, monitored and audited by the State of Florida.

- The weeks do not need to always be used on the same dates. You choose when you want to travel and communicate it to the central reservation office.

- When you don't want to go to Orlando you can rent it, or you can exchange your home for upscale accommodations in more than 4500 condominiums, hotels and resorts in more than 100 countries around the world through the RCI exchange program. Easy and hassle free. Always with at least 35 000 options available. GUARANTEED!

House is fractioned in multiples of weeks

- You only purchase the number of days per year that you travel on your vacations
- Pay the expenses and maintenance fees only for the period you have bought
- A hotel management company takes care of everything. You don't need to worry about anything
- When not traveling to Orlando, you can exchange it for another place

Signum Resorts has over 25 years experience in Vacation Ownership with over 5000 owners clients in more than 10 countries.

The Vacation Ownership industry today has over 8.5 million vacation owners, and all the big names in hospitality are part of the industry, such as:

vacation ownership brands


When you buy your weeks at Bella Vida, you acquire a license of use for 90 years

- In this way no taxes are assessed in the event of a sale or transfer.
- This license has all the rights of fractioned deed. It is inheritable, sellable, can be lent or donated.

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