RCI Exchange Program

When you become a vacation owner at Signum Bella Vida Orlando, your future vacations are not restricted only to Orlando every year. It's if you had a vacation home worldwide.

In a given year, if you do not want to go to Orlando, you can exchange your home for upscale accommodations in more than 4500 condominiums, hotels and resorts in more than 100 countries around the world. Easy and hassle free. Always with at least 35 000 options available. GUARANTEED!


Caribbean Beach with the RCI Exchange

Caribbean Beach

ski in colorado with RCI exchange

Ski in Colorado


Signum Bella Vida is a member of RCI - Resort Condominiums International, a Wyndham Worldwide company. It is a network of more than 4500 vacation ownership condominiums, hotels and resorts in more than 100 countries. RCI has over 40 years of experience and nearly 4 million members.

When you purchase your weeks in Bella Vida, you become an RCI member automatically.

Each time you request an exchange, RCI guarantees at least 35,000 travel options available for you to choose from.

So when you do not want to go to Orlando, you can ski in Colorado, rest on a beach in the Caribbean, safari in Africa, get to know Morocco, play in Las Vegas, take a cultural trip to Europe or perhaps visit Australia .

In a year when you do not want to go to Orlando, you can exchange your week through RCI:

- 4500 member resorts, condominiums and hotels
- In more than 100 countries
- 4 million members
- Always 35,000 options. Guaranteed!

RCI confirmed exchanges

Las Vegas

Las Vegas


Your investment in Vacation Ownership pays for itself in one to three times you use it when you exchange to destinations with high hotel prices.


For example: a 3 bedroom chalet in Colorado, during ski season, can cost more than $2,000 per day. A villa in the Caribbean can cost, during season, $5,000 to $7,000 thousand dollars a week. A good hotel in Europe or New York costs $300 to $500 dollars per night, per couple.

With you Vacation Ownership you can travel to these destinations through the RCI exchange, without paying for a hotel.

This means that in a few times you use the system it pays for itself, and after that you take your vacations only paying the maintenance fee of your week and an RCI exchange fee. You may never pay high hotel rates again when on vacation.


safari in áfrica

Safari in África




Trading Power with the RCI Exchange



RCI uses a tool called TRADING POWER  to rank and prioritize your exchange.

In 2015 and 2016, Signum Bella Vida Trading Power, depending how far ahead you place your request, ranges from 24 to 53 points on a scale of 0-60.

Signum Bella Vida is in the top 15% of all Trading Power in the RCI system.

The average Trading Power in the RCI system is 14, while 85% of the entire inventory has a Trading Power of 22 or less.

This means that in addition to ease exchanges, in many cases you can trade a week at Signum Bella Vida for two weeks in resorts with lower Trading Power.

Signum Bella Vida is in the top 15% Trading Power with RCI, ranging from 24 to 53 points

The average for all RCI member resorts is 14 points, with 85% of all the resorts being below 22 points

You can exchange one week at Signum Bella Vida for two at resorts with a lower score






 Exchange couple

Some of RCI Member Resorts


Aruba - Costa Linda Resort

hotel in aruba

beach in aruba


Dubai - Damac Maison

hotel in Dubai

hotel in dubai pool


Egipt - Albatros Golf Club

hotel in egipt

hotel in Egypt 2


Fiji - Holiday Club

hotel in fiji

hotel room in fiji


France - Château de Maulmont

castle in france

view of the castle


Punta Cana - Club Meliá The Reserve

punta cana hotel pool

beach hotel in punta cana


South Africa - Drakensberg Sun

south africa hotel room

south africa hotel


Spain - CLC World San Diego

spain hotel room

hotel in spain


Vail, Colorado - Streamside

hotel in vail

hotel room in vail


The World at Your Feet!

You Orlando Home Becomes a Home Anywhere You Want with the RCI Exchange.





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