Financial Advantages

Vacation Ownership means combining the best of a vacation property with the best of staying in a hotel.

And financially it is way more advantageous than these two forms.

Check out the examples below:

1. Comparison with the purchase of a Convetional House in Orlando

Below is a comparison between the cost of acquisition and maintenance of a Signum Vacation Ownership home and a conventional house in the same Bella Vida community, identical to the Signum homes. With the conventional house you end up spending thousands of dollars more for each week you actually use the house, and have all the headache associated with maintaining the property. Not to mention the acquisition cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars, in addition to tens of thousands of dollars to furnish and equip the house.

If you put the conventional up for rent, besides the low profitability, your cost of maintenance will grow exponentially, and your profit will be diluted with constant and necessary repairs. The result will be you selling the house in Orlando.

With the Signum Vacation Ownership Homes you don't have to worry about any of that:

  • You buy a house only for the period of the year you need;
  • Your purchase price if a fraction of the conventional house price;
  • You don't need to furnish or equip;
  • You spend only about 20% to maintain the house, compared to the conventional house for the period of time actually used;
  • You don't have to worry about repairs and replacements.


How much does it cost to buy a conventional vacation property in Orlando?



costs of a conventional house

Conventional HouseCosts:
Price of a conventional house, identical to the Signum Homes, inside the same Bella Vida US$250,000.00
Cost to furnish and equip the house US$30.000,00
Thus, your initial investment to purchase a conventional house will be in the order of  US$280,000.00
On average, a holiday home is used no more than one month per year. Therefore, you are paying $280,000 to use your property for 30 days per year.
Thus, the acquisition cost for each week that you actually use the home (280,000 divided by 4) is US$70,000.00

Because the Signum Vacation Ownership homes are sold in multiples of weeks, you only purchase the number of weeks that you will effectively be traveling on vacation.

If, for example, you take one month vacation per year, you buy only a four week fraction of the house.

This way you will be saving tens of thousands of dollars on the purchase price. Your savings are up to 80% of that of a conventional house for the actual period used.



cost of maintaining a conventional house

Conventional HouseCosts:
Expenses of a Conventional House
Real Estate taxes per year of a house similar to the Signum Homes, inside the same Bella Vida US$5,000.00
HOA Association Dues per year US$3,200.00
Internet/telephone - minimum per year US$1,000.00
Power, water and sewer - minimum per year US$1,000.00
Insurance - per year US$500.00
TOTAL US$10,700.00
Future Expenses of a Conventional House - Costs for future repairs and replacements
Replace sheets and linen every 5 years US$1,000.00
Replace fridge, range, oven, dishwasher, washer, dryer, 4 TVs and paint the house every 10 years US$8.200,00
Replace A/C, furniture and utensils every 15 years US$28,000.00
Annualizing these expenses, you can add to your current costs, annual reserves in the amount of US$2,886.66
Therefore, your annual cost to maintain the house is US$13,583.66
If you use your property one month per year, your maintenance cost for each week actually used (13,583.66 divided by 4) is US$3,396.66

With the Signum Vacation Ownership, the costs for current expenses and future reserves is only little over 20% of the amount needed to maintain the conventional house for the period actually used.

In addition to spending much less, a hotel management company takes care of everything for you. This way you can rest assured that you will always find everything new and working every time you use your property.

The whole process of maintenance, renovations and repairs, as well as the reserve accounts for future expenses, is supervised and audited by the State of Florida. This is your guarantee of a safe and secure investment.

What If I Buy a Conventional House and I Place It for Rent When I'm Not Using It?

Many people have the idea of buying a conventional house hoping to rent it when not using it, in order to relieve some of the maintenance costs.

Buying a vacation house to rent in Orlando is a big risk, because, besides the fact that the return is extremely low, tenants tend destroy the house. Since there is no control over who enters and leaves the premises, there are sometimes up to 15 or 20 people in a 3 bedroom house, without the slightest care for the proeprty.

Literally all your financial gain is spent on cleaning and repairs. Research people who have or have had houses for rent in Orlando and draw your own conclusions.


2. Comparison with renting a house or staying in hotels


aluguel de casas de ferias


Many people rent houses in Orlando instead of staying in hotels or buying their own houses. The prices are very attractive.

Obviously several people have great stories to tell.

But in doing a basic research on the internet, we can see how many people had bad experiences with rental homes in Orlando.

Because it is not a regulated industry, and because rentals are usually operated by small agencies with absentee owners, anything can happen, such as:

  • The house is not available when you arrive
  • It is not the same house you rented
  • Appliances don't work
  • Broken or damaged furniture
  • Dirty rotten sheets and linen.


Check out these real reviews from people who have rented houses in Orlando:

depoimentos sobre aluguel


As in most communities there is no control of who enters and leaves, most rental houses that have capacities for 6 or 8 people, end up accommodating 15 or 20 people. This excess capacity wears and tears the house, the furniture and the fixtures. So, you never know what you'll find. It is a Russian Roulette.

And if that happens, you will be in a strange place, with nowhere to turn to. There won't be a front desk reception, or a manager on site, or a maintenance department.

Apart from the fact that only in Orlando it is possible to find cheap holiday homes for rent.



custo da hotelaria


When you use the RCI exchange program to travel to areas with high priced hotels, your investment you pays for itself in one to three times you use the system.

Example of costs for hotel and houses

Renting a  3 bedroom chalet in Vail,  Colorado, during ski season, $2,000 per night
Villa in the Caribbean, in Saint Martin, for example, may cost $800 to $1,000 dollars per night
A good hotel in  Europe costs between $300 to $500 per night, per room for two. The same thing in New York. If you travel to  New York in a group of 4, you spend  $ 5,000 to $7,000 for one week stay

Once your investment is already paid up, you get to travel and stay in more than 4500 hotels, resorts and upscale condominiums by only paying a small exchange fee.

You will never pay high hotel prices again!





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