Another of Beach Volleyball

One of the coolest things about having a vacation home at Bella Vida is that you are able to get your friends together to participate in several activities, or better yet, make new friends in sports or leisure activities.

One of these many options to meet new people is beach volleyball.

At Bella Vida you will find people from all over the world. From Brazilians, to other South Americans, British, Portuguese, Mexicans, Americans.

It's like a UN within Orlando. Here you and your children can make lifetime friends from around the world.

And have the chance to see these friends year after year.

This is one of the advantages of being vacation owner in a city like Orlando, and in a community such as Bella Vida.

Now you can provide this paradise for your children without having to spend over $250,000. In fact, without spending anywhere close to that.

Come be part of this world!

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