Disney À La Carte

You, like me, may have gone a few times to Disney, and after a full day at the parks, see ourselves tired and without finding many alternatives to end up night in a nice way.

However, there is another side of Disney to be discovered ... Disney à la Carte!

A gourmet side that takes you to new flavors! Restaurants inside Disney's hotels, which are open to the public, and not exclusive to hotel guests and many might think.

Interested in a palate ride? Enjoy the ride then ...


Restaurants of the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa Orlando


With 6 restaurants to choose from, I recommend Citrus Restaurant (reservations required).

Citricos restaurant


Nice atmosphere and good service. Tip for main course: Red wine braised beef short ribs (beef ribs in red wine with spinach and mushrooms), which is accompanied by mashed potatoes. It will leave you with good memories.

Place left for dessert?  indulge yourself with Warm Chocolate Banana Torte (Chocolate and Banana cake).


Interior of citricos


Worth a photo as a souvenir, after all we are in the enchanted world of Disney.


Another restaurant worth to be mentioned is Victoria & Albert's (reservations required).


restaurant victorias albert


This restaurant is awarded with 5 diamonds, which makes it undoubtedly an unforgettable experience!
With menu of six dishes served in a period of two hours, you can choose to dine in the Queen Victoria Hall, which is more exclusive, or at the chef's table, in the kitchen, with a custom menu for you and your guests.


interior of victorias


If you need to celebrate a special date, this is the place!


Continuing our tour ...

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