Celebrate Celebration

People really enjoy the town of Celebration.

It is of the few cities in the US you can actually walk around. In general, in the US, you don't see many people walking up and  down the streets (except New York, of course). In typical American cities, people will drive everywhere. The sidewalks seem merely decorative.

But not in celebration. The flair is one of a holiday city in Europe. Not because of a mountain climate or beach atmosphere. But in the sense of having a "little city center". The back and forth of adolescents, women window shopping, friends gathering around the tables in outdoor cafes, couples dining outdoor, kids playing in front of the ice cream parlor. In times like Christmas, the traffic jam of people gets so intense that it is difficult even to walk.

All very nice and well organized. It's Disney, after all.


city of Celebration


The concept and planning of the city (unincorporated district, actually) from the master project, to urbanization, construction, even to telephone and power companies, everything was planned, executed and managed by The Disney World Company. A kind of planned city with Mickey's ears.

The city is part of the Orlando - Kissimmee metropolitan area, and the permanent population is less than 8000 inhabitants. The area is approximately 28 km2, with well defined zoning areas.

The initial investment of Disney Company was about $ 2.5 billion. The architecture was based on the styles of the early 20th century, and the houses keep the original design planned. The houses are in six different architectural styles: Classic, Colonial Revival, French, Coastal and Victorian, which is the most popular. In the early days the shops and restaurants had to be pre approved by the Disney Company before settling in the city, so that they could establish a desired atmosphere in the place.

Designed to be a modern model community, the civil society has direct participation in government and public administration.

Even being a small area, Celebration has parks, post office, hospital, fire department and public schools.


Celebration streets


The project is part of a Disney experience called the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, or EPCOT.

For those not familiar with it, it is a must visit for anyone going to Orlando. Celebration is located main Disney access highway, and less than 10 minutes from Signum Resort at Bella Vida.

Dining tips

Columbia: spanish and cuban cuisine407-566-1505
Town Tavern: New England food 407-566-2526
Ari: Korean and Japanese 407-566-1889
Cafe D'Antonio: Italian 407-566-2233

Bar and tapas:

Mulligan's Irish Pub: Irish Pub


Celebration arquitecture

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