Cafe D’antonio – Pleasant Surprise

Beyond the Expectations

When visiting Celebration one can not help but to see Cafe D'Antonio - Celebration. It is the central building on Front Street.

Although we have gone several times to Celebration, we had never entered into the pace. We had tried before to the Spanish, Japanese, and the New England restaurants, but never this beautiful Italian restaurant.

The first surprise was in relation to the prices. At first, from the outside, it seems to be a high priced restaurant, but it actually offers very reasonable prices. Prices similar to those chains of Italian restaurants such as Macaroni Grill or Olive Garden, with pastas for less than $ 15 on the dinner menu (and $ 11 during lunch).

The expectation was great, because being an independent restaurant, it would probable feature home made sauces, and not canned tomato sauces as in many chain places. And that turned out to be true. Amazing freshly made sauces.

The wine list is also surprising, with wines from 25 dollars a bottle, to a Silver Oak Cab Nappa for $180, which is one of the best American wines.

Our waiter was very attentive and had all the patience in the world with the children.

Dishes we ordered were:

Cheese pizza for the kids. $ 12 and very good - in fact, they have a kids menu that is quite extensive.

Papardelle meatsauce, or bolognese. The cooking of the pasta was perfect, and the ragu was simply divine, very well made, high level. $ 14.99

Braised Beef Short Ribs, with barbecue sauce and vinegar with polenta with cheddar. It was very good. Meat reeling off the fork. The price, just $ 16.95.


Click to check out the complete menu


interior of Cafe D'Antonio


A big surprise. Sophisticated meal with popular chain restaurant prices. A great place to take the whole family.

The Cafe D'Antonio is only a few miles from Signum Bella Vida.

Cafe D'Antonio
691 Front Street, Celebration, FL 34747

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