I am passionate about staying in houses where I can have a kitchen so you can make breakfast and sometimes lunch. By doing this you save at least 30% on the trip. And with the exception of a few very popular places, it is very difficult to rent a house. With our vacation property we have the convenience of a home almost anywhere in the world.

Mylene Abujamra,

I want to congratulate the staff of the Signum and wish all success. For those who have questions about the vacation property, I leave my message. It is a super intelligent system which provides you the opportunity not only to use your home and pay only for what you need, but power mainly to exchange for hotels that have daily rates of over $ 700.00 per night, as was the case of the resort we stayed in Fiji. We were only able to make the trip because of Signum

Andre Bergson,

Signum customer since Las Palmas. I confess that my wife and I were quite skeptocal about the system in the beginning. Everything seemed like a complicated world. But after learning how use it, you see that it is simple and easy. We use the exchange a lot, and have stayed at resorts worldwide. Best of all for us is that being a holiday owner, we travel a lot more than before. Planing your trip and taking a vacation turned into a routine and obligation in the family.

Fernando Albuquerque - Brazil,

Every year we go to Orlando. It is a city that never stops. There's always new and different thinsg for me and my husband, and specially for the children. Before we had our house we were always in hotels. But there is no comparison to the convenience of staying in a home. Especially with children and nanny. The coolest thing is to know that it's not just a house. It is our home.

Gislaine de Farias - Niteroi Brazil,